Taxwoman, or Dizzy Dezzy, is one of the nastiest in this wild bunch. She can attack you at any time and extort money from you, for no sensible reason and by any violent means. She is also the bind-blowing alto player in the band.

Anki Banki

Anki Banki beats the crap out of most. Besides the handling the drums she earns the legal part of her money as a warden. If she puts you in her jail, you won’t see the sun for a long, long time.


Lousy is the singer of the band. In her past she’s been the president of a local gang in the northern parts of Lund. The gang is infamous with both the police and fire department and you shouldn’t pick a quarrel with her.

Ullis Bullis

Ullis Bullis is the tenor sax player and the technical wiz in the band. She uses her skills for all kind of lethal inventions. Her favourite toy is the bun with a built-in bomb. Chew on it and your a head shorter...



Crazy plays the bass. With a history of violent mental disorder it is impossible to foresee his next move. You better keep an eye at him. He’s simply crazy.


PMS blows the trombone in the band. This guy is totally unstable with an infinitesimal fuse. Irritate him and it might be last last thing you'll ever do.


Stoney hammers the keyboard in the band and he has been dealing drugs most of his life. His connections stretches world-wide.

Mad Doctor

Mad Doctor is probably the creepiest guy in the band. After having been expelled from medical school he enjoys himself by making unecessary amputations. If he puts you to sleep, don't be surprised if you're missing a limb when you wake up. He also plays the trumpet.