A rainy and windy night in October, Karin and Per sat at a HepCat dance, drinking too much beer. They had the blues because they had no band to play with anymore - most members of their old band had got long prison sentences after a failed bank job. But this was the starting point for the Jailhouse Cookies. That night they met Crazy Henrik whom Karin had played with before, and they decided to start a band. For this they needed more band members and  they set out on a quest.

Late one Saturday night they found themselves at a Mafia hang-out in Malmö, an illegal pub at Karlskronaplan. There, in a smoky corner they found Per N-S. Per had just tried brass for the first time and he was hooked. He was eager to join on the trombone. However, before they even had time to celebrate this, the joint was hit by a razzia and the police burst in. They four of them were put in jail.

They were thrown into a cell where a sinister looking guy, who looked tough as a rock, resided. The newly formed assembly was terrified as he asked what they were doing in his cell. They told him about their mission to form a band and Sten agreed not to kill them if he could play the piano in their band.

The five of them were elevated by this turn of action and called for a lawyer to get out of there. Magdan arrived and they told her about the band. She liked the idea since she had a saxophone at home and she promised to get them out. She left and came back with one of the wardens, Annika, whom she knew wanted to be a rock star. Together they were all soon in freedom.

The newly formed band was some time later in Lund drinking beer, trying to find out what to do next. It got rather late and noisy. Suddenly they were disturbed by a rumbling next to them in the bar. Louise, a local trouble-maker, were about to pick a fight. The band tried to calm her down and told her to ‘put a lid on it’. When they realised the police were on the way they quickly left the bar together with Louise. Louise is now the singer in the band.