Information in English

Welcome to Brf Fagotten (‘tenent owners association The Basoon’). Brf Fagotten consist of 24 two-storey buildings with a total of 268 apartments located on Flöjtvägen (‘Flute Road’) and Fagottgränd (‘Basoon Alley’) in the city of LundSweden. The apartment complex was built during 1970 and the tenant owner association was formed in 1976.

The buildings have either two or three entrances and in each entrance you will find four to six apartments. Here you will also have access to a fully equipped laundryroom, only shared with your three to five neighbours.

Each apartment have access to a parking space and internet broadband which is included in the monthly fee.

For all ages and very suitable for children

There is a wide variety of age groups, living here and the area is very child friendly. Every yard/garden includes a large green area with lawn, fruit trees, berry bushes and flowers. Here you also find a sandpit for our youngest children. Within the area you also find a bigger playground with a lot of equipment for playing.

In the near surroundings there are good schools, daycare as well as a grocery store.

Excellent commute via bus is just nearby taking travellers to the railway station and centre of Lund in just minutes. If you go by bike it will only take you between 10-15 minutes to get to the city center.

Most of the information on is only available in Swedish, but if you need further help contact us at